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Presumably, business cards have been business advancement for a considerable length of time. Nowadays, the main thing has changed is the presence of these cards. Being a vising card logo company, we have come across different business owners who need to make their visiting cards catchy with brilliant logo designs, 3D pictures and content.

Maskin Web Solutions is a premium and reputed business card designer company that makes incredible, innovative and interactive designs. We make purposeful use of pictures, illustrations and layouts to sell ideas, products and services.

Our Features

Best Business Card Design

We provide the best business card design service that helps you to present your company in best way in front of others. Some of our features include:-

Its Various Type


Face-to-face meetings and offline marketing still rule many business relationships. So, business card is an important piece of marketing collateral. Some types of business card that make are:-

  • Standard Business Card - "A standard business card is must as it carries your company’s identity in a small piece of paper and it’s the first thing to represent your brand in front of potential customers."
  • Premium Business Card - As the name suggests, it add a premium look of your business to your prospects/potential customers. The level of premium is according to different designs and material.
  • Matte Business Card - This is the right choice for business owners who don’t really need to have an innovative design but insist on having a professional look for their cards.
  • Gloss Business Card - This is the perfect choice for those who are in fashion, design, beauty care, hospitality, cosmetics or those who want to use images in their cards as it is worth to be considered.
  • Embossed Business Card - It delivers a high level of professionalism and premium-ness as gives an eye-catching effect and also creates a superior look and feel.

The rapid growth of technology and social media has changed the way we network. Online networking becomes increasingly prevalent among all industries with different business scales. Face-to-face meetings and offline networking events, however, still rule many business relationships. In these contexts, business card is an important piece of marketing collateral.

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