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Onboarding Projects

Project onboarding is the process of enrolling resources in the project. The goal is to make sure that everyone involved in the project understands its business objectives and requirements know their role and the expected outcome of the project itself.

Onboarding is the process of incorporating a new customers into a company and familiarizing them with the company culture and policies, so they can become an effective and contributing member of the team. A good onboarding process is reminiscent of boarding a plane.

The customer onboarding process refers to the steps you take to gradually and successfully show clients everything your product, service, and/or business have to offer.

LXME Onboarding

LXME is India's 1st financial platform for women.

LXME believe that every woman should aim for financial freedom and have therefore built an ecosystem for them to be financially fearless and ready to take charge of their money!

Their main aim is to make women financially fearless by enabling them with the tools and resources to be money smart and money confident.

about us